About the Artist


Lyla Cravero was born in Perth, Ontario to a family of artists. All of her work speaks to her upbringing. Her mother a fine arts major, teacher and published illustrator. Her father a master woodcarver, architect and inventor. They were city dwellers that moved to a 100-acre farm, inspired by the “back to the land” movement in the 1970s. There they founded a community of artists and created a private school based in the arts for Lyla, her brothers and the other children of the community to attend.  Lyla was immersed in art.

Lyla was raised not just to learn to be an artist but to become one, to inhabit creative space as easily as one can become part of landscape in the vast wilderness - to observe, explore, and respect. Saturated in texture, her process evokes a sense of freedom and tranquility, from the movement of her work, which flows unobstructed, bridled only by her hand-made frames, to the elemental tones in her color palette, as well as her mediums - many times she uses recycled and reclaimed materials in her work.


"I was raised to see beauty, to look at life in terms of how to create things versus how to consume them."

                                                                           ~ Lyla

There is a circular sense to her work - of seasons, nature, and how all of it conveys emotion; everything she pulls from understands its origins and will ultimately give back. Lyla collectively builds with these elements to create thoroughly modern pieces reflecting an understated luxury.

Lyla currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and two children.